Rug Rag Yarn

Matonkude, Bordo Monte

New rug rag yarns available.

– Lovely colors for decoration –

This traditional loom yarn is multifunctional material. You can knit rug rags in loom or knit it with knitting needles big enough. You can crochet rug rag yarn with crochet hook size 7-12 mm depending of the yarn thickness.

Rug rag yarn is also environmental friendly material because you can use old clothes and fabrics to cut yarns for your projects but you can also bought ready-made rug rags online from

Ready-made rugs are good option also because these are basically spin-off from cotton industry which would other wise end up squandered.

Most of the rug rag yarns available on Bordo Monte e-commerce are cotton tricot, natural material which is easy care.

Nice projects with rug rag yarns!

Bordo Monte

Rug rag yarn for DIY products – Interior